10 Reasons

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10 Reasons

... to work for Axel Springer

1. You want to design your career

Your start with us offers the best conditions for a successful career. It doesn’t matter whether you are at the beginning of your professional life or already have successes to your credit. We combine the values of a social company steeped in tradition with the dynamism of a modern, innovative and internationally expanding media enterprise. We expect a lot of you and offer attractive payment packages and high social standards in return. Design your career with us to be as unique as you are yourself!

2. You want to be part of a success story

We at Axel Springer are passionate entrepreneurs and are ranked among the profitable market leaders in almost everything we do. Innumerable success stories have been written in decades gone past under the umbrella of Axel Springer. We will continue to work hard in future to occupy the top journalistic and economic positions. You are invited to play an active role in this success story!

3. You want to work with the best

What we want: The best of the best at Axel Springer! And we don’t make compromises. Those who work for Axel Springer are among the best in their field. Whether in the editorial offices, in the business sector, in technology or in the service sector – we reward performance and passion. Show us that you belong and come and work with the best!

4. You want to discover your potential

If you work at Axel Springer, you will be both challenged and supported at the same time. We place great emphasis on Human Resources Development. Because we at Axel Springer know that only well-trained and satisfied employees can make a lasting contribution to the success of the company. From the very first working day you are involved in networks and development programs which are oriented to individual needs. Discover your potential with us!

5. You want to design change

Media are undergoing major changes worldwide. We do not perceive the market developments associated with digitization and changes in media use as a threat, but rather as a challenge and opportunity. This is because the origins of such changes are not to be found in technology – they begin in the consciousness of those who want to design the change. Join us and design change actively!

6. You are looking for creative competition

Here you get a sense where you are working from the very first day. As a media enterprise we survive on the best ideas. That is why creativity, along with entrepreneurial spirit and integrity, is one of our corporate values and can be experienced everywhere. Everyone who works for us is called upon to participate in the daily competition for the best creative ideas. Take up the challenge!

7. You’re in the heart of activity

Working for us means to feel the pulse of time – firsthand. Our business is excellent journalism – topical, informative and entertaining. We tackle the issues which everyone else is discussing shortly afterwards. To do this we are located in the most attractive major cities in Europe. Join us in the heart of activity!

8. You want to take on responsibility

At Axel Springer we stand up for our successes. We also know however, that great responsibility arises from a position of great strength. For Axel Springer we therefore see ourselves obliged to be active on behalf of the community and our environment. Numerous support initiatives are involved in social projects. Moreover we rely on durable added value and responsible corporate management. Take us at our word and take on responsibility with us!

9. You love freedom

We at Axel Springer are proud of the history of our organization and the values associated with it. The five socio-political essentials originally formulated by the publisher Axel Springer in 1967 still serve as the foundation for our publishing operations today. Come and join us if you want to work with people who have their own opinions and love freedom!

10. You like surprises

For many people Axel Springer is and remains the BILD newspaper. But did you also know that not only does Europe’s biggest daily newspaper belong to us, but that we also own a total of 170 newspapers and magazines, more than 50 online-offerings and holdings in television and radio stations in 33 countries? There is much more to discover than many people think. Experience it yourself and be surprised!